babes of spam #1

Geez I get a lot of spam. Lately I’ve been getting heaps from some lovely ladies from Russia and the Ukraine. Apparently they don’t want my money, just a serious relationship. Unfortunately for them I’m not single.

Nataliya writes:

Hello my new friend.Nataliya

I want write to you and want to know you much more. I would like to Correspond with you.

I want to remind you some facts about me! My name is Nataliya. I am 29, I am 165, 52 kg. I live in town Kiev in Ukraine. I have only my mom, my dad died 4 years ago. I am the only child unfortunately!

I rent an apartment not far from my work. I work as a teacher of dances, usually I work from 3pm till 9 pm. I like my work and it is a good money if work hard :):):)

I am proud that I am able to rent an apartment! 5 months ago I bought my computer and began discovering internet! It is captivating!!! It may seem that I have everything to live happily but it is not so! I have problems with finding a boyfriend and love of all my life :):):)
Some men want to date with me but I don’t like them, the men I would like to date with are already married or have serious relationship with other women! That is terrible!

I speak good English and that is why I decided to search all over the English speaking world :):):) I do believe that it is possible to meet my special one on internet! Many women met their soul mates abroad and they are very happy with them. Why not?!?!

Well, what else to tell you about me?! I have a couple of best friends and I spend my free time with them. Usually we go to the cinema or to disco. I like to dance very much!!! It is wonderful when work is hobby and passion! I visit my mom several times a week, I help her about the house and we just talk!
My mothers have good work as bookkeeper. We can pay for all life expenses. And I will not ask you help me with money. I know many stories about it.
If you will write to me more, you will understand, that I am not such girl!
My girlfriend find her husband on internet in last year. She move to Australia and they have happy family. She write to me letter every week.

Also I teach dances in orphan house for free. I like kids and I feel that I help them a lot, they don’t have parents and I am sure that I make their life better! When I offered to teach dances, I was said that my wage would be very small. I said that I would do it without any salary. I have another good work and I just want to make this world less cruel for those kids. 3 times a week I go there.

I would like to ask you to give me your MSN; I’d love to talk to you!

Oh, the most important thing I would like to tell you. I need serious relationship; I don’t want to have a penpal. I have much love to give and I need somebody loves me also.

I don’t want to ask you many questions, just write me about yourself as I did. And of course feel free to ask questions!
You can write on my e-mail

Have a nice day!

Sincerely Nataliya.