babes of spam #14

Interesting… so in most cases I only get one or perhaps a couple of copies of each email and then they stop and some new attractive (perhaps only in the eye of the beholder) single Russian/Ukrainian lady who doesn’t want to date — just to be good friends — contacts me.

Zhanna here has been mailing me for a week or so. If I post the latest email from her, will I stop receiving them?

Hi, I’m pleased to get your mail. I’m sorry for my short mail but I’ve got to go now.
I will answer your questions and I hope that’s ok for the first mail.
You don’t have the habit to sign your mails? :-) So do I :-)
I am coming to Australia in the end of October, I hope we can
meet and know each other better. I am an easy-going and open person, I
am sure, we can be good friends..
My photo is attached as you asked. I am waiting for your photo now!
I am sorry, I don’t use this email address anymore and I am going to cancel it
as I finished my work in the UK and I am back to my country not for long.
Please, send your further emails to my private email address:

I am waiting for your reply.
Best regards,