babes of spam #16

Just when I thought those lovely Russian ladies had cottoned on to me being less than interested, I got this from Ekaterina! and isn’t she just as cute as a button. I can’t wait to ignore further email from her.

How are you? I hope that all good for
you and you will read my letter with an interest.
I the girl from Russia. I want to arrive to your country and I have
good chance for this. I need only man who can meet me and
probably we can to develop our relations. Some time back I’m with my
girlfriend were going to go in your
country as tourists for search of men for serious relations. But my
girlfriend could not go with me. She had problems with your family.
But very soon I will receive visa and I do not want to lose a chance
to arrive in your country. I will receive visa in October for your country.
Now I waiting for reception of my visa. It will be great if
you can meet me and we can to have relations with you. I will be very
happy if YOU will answer to me. I will be very
happy if you will write me and we will have our meeting very soon.
To you probably it is interesting where I received yours e-mail the address.
I am right? I got your e-mail through internet dating agency.
I gave my letter to agency and they have told that my letter will be
send to man in Australia!!!! Ok, I will tell about myself:) My name is Ekaterina.
I am from Saint-Petersburg. I have dark hair and brown eyes. My height: 5 ‘ 2 ”
and weight: 115 lbs. I am 28 years old. I have been born 13/03/1980. On
star sign Fish. I’m
cheerful woman who like to go for sports and do all what like are usual
peoples. I am ready for creation family and want it very
much. I cannot find the man in Russia for myself because it very hard
in Russia. I want to create family and to live in your country because
the government to care about people. I want to live and be sure in the
future. In Russia it is not possible to live easy. You understand me?
Please tell to me about yourself a little! I have questions for you.
What is your full name? What your age? In what city you live?
I hope that you will answer to me back it is very fast. I send you my
photo. I hope that you will love my photo. Send me your photo.
I will wait your answer so much… Write to me on my personal E-mail:

Thanks for you time,