babes of spam #18

greetings from Russia indeed :-)

Greetings from Russia to you dear friend!!!
I hope, that this letter will cause you interest.
It is possible this letter will change our destinies… I ask you to
give some minutes and to read my history.
For the First! This letter from agency of dating of the internet.
I have given them this letter and to me has told, that they will send it
to the Australia.
My name – Elena. I – from Russia, Saint Petersburg.
I’m – 27 years old woman. My Birthday July, 10 1981.
I want to tell you that was happened with me. Some time ago I have got
acquainted through Internet with the man. His name is John from
Sidney. We began to correspond with each other. Shortly we had
sympathies to each other. I would not tell that it there was a love, but
the sympathy was big. We have thought that our relations should leave on
a new stage and both wished a meeting. I have collected all necessary
documents, and in November I receive the visa.
But that there was further it awfully. John has written to me that is
not ready to serious relations with me and would not want that I came.
It has very strongly shaken me, I did not expect that he can do it… I
cried and did not know what to do, I was deceived.
I want to forget this awful liar faster. And to use the chance which has
dropped out to me.

The purpose of my letter: I shall receive the Visa of the Visitor of the
Australia on November.
I want to arrive to the Australia, but I have no any friends or familiar
can meet me on airport. I really hope, that you can do it for me.

But if you will answer to me I will write more about me and about my
Probably we can develop our relations also.

So, please, write to me on my personal E-mail:

I hope, that you will have interest after reading my letter.
Also I have interest too. Please inform me:
1 – your name?
2 – your city?
3 – your age?
4 – to send me your photo also?
5 – would you like to meet the woman for love?

Ok, I will close for now, but I will wait your answer so much!!!
I really hope that you will give me chance to have meeting!!!
Waiting for your answer,
Yours friend Elena from Russia.