babes of spam #28

Two Russian Ekaterina’s in as many days! is that a common Russian name?


Hello my name is Ekaterina
To me of 27 years.
I Russian also live in Russia. I consider myself as the attractive woman and I wish to get acquainted with the same attractive man!
Serious relations are necessary to me only.
I never was married and I have no children.
I well understand people. At me the balanced character and good sense of humour. I like men who are more senior me. The friend who can learn me to what I yet do not know is necessary to me!
I do not smoke and I do not take alcoholic drinks, but very much I love cheerful parties in the company of good people! Perfectly I prepare and I adore itself is tasty to eat!
By a holiday I like to decorate the house and in general I like to create a cosiness at which necessarily there are window plants. I am engaged in fitness and still I like to play snowballs.
I am very active, I love, when the life spins round me. It is very counterbalanced and rectilinear, inquisitive. With me you will not become bored. Friends say that I am reserved in itself, but is frank in acts. Your age not so is important. I appreciate, first of all, the good relation to myself. Very much to be pleasant to me expression “road a spoon by a dinner”. It would be desirable, that and we had all in time. Both a rage, and caresses, both conversations, and sex…
Not important, how old are you, you are important how much years perceive a life.If you were interested by such girl as I, write me the answer only to my personal e-mail: