babes of spam #29

sheesh, talk about someone who’d make a clingy pen palfriend:

I think that this message will become a surprise for you, but still, do not think that this is a spam letter. It wasn’t sent by some automatic e-mail machine.
I got a message the previous week. The sender was (unknown| not known), the subject of the e-mail was – «People search for love and find it». Usually I don’t pay any attention to the message of this type, but that time I decided to open and read it. This letter was about the people’s life, love and relationships in general.
At the end of the letter there were the e-mails of people – «I would like to know». They were all divided into 2 groups – men and women. I do not know actually, why from all the existing there addressed I picked up yours. Maybe it was destiny and we will create a good family together? I believe in destiny.
I would like to say some words about myself in this letter.
My name is Elena. I’m 31 years old. I live in Russian Federation, I wasn’t married and have no children. I do not smoke or use any alcoholic drinks. I am serious and patient, aim-oriented lady. I think that the best criteria of any person is respect towards everybody else.
In my free time, I practice sport or go jogging in the park. I am a very romantic person indeed. Sometimes I close my eyes and start daydreaming. You will think now – why has this woman written me a letter, she has everything!. My life lacks the best feeling. I am alone.
I am lonely and get frozen because of this emptiness in my life. I see the sunset every day and ask God to send me a real love.
In my country the 90% of men want to have a woman in order to humiliate her. That is why I have decided to try my fortune with the help of the Internet. I have not done it before, but now I have this possibility and hope that some of my angels will help me.

If you are interested in my personality, send me your letter only on my person e-mail address:

I want to get to know you. I am searching for a love to bring this fullness and completeness into my life. I want to divide everything with the one I will love!
In the following e-mails I will tell you more about me and my life. Definitely, you will see lots of my pictures, where you will see me and get to know my lifestyle. These pictures will reveal me different – happy, pensive and sad sometimes. If you read my letter, I get a possibility to hope for love! I am looking forward to your message. I really want to know more about you.
Remember of me.
Your new pen-friend,