babes of spam #30

Lusik has cottoned on to the idea that teh Internets can be used to broker communications. Specifically love communications between teh people.
Lusik doesn’t specify where she’s from, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Russia is where she and the women from her country reside. I assume I’ll find out if and when I receive her more detailed story.

Hello my friendLusik

I write you this letter as today on mine e-mail has come the Internet
Dispatch with yours e-mail. In the given letter, it was spoken about
the love Relations between people. Therefore I have decided to write
you the letter on yours e-mail. I as to search for serious relations
as I wish to find The true love. My name is Lusik. I, as well as all
women of our country, I like to cook food as to go in for sports. I do
not smoke and not I take alcohol. I search for the real man who will
love, and To respect me. I wish to get acquainted with you more close,
by means of e-mail.

Please answer only to my personal e-mail:

I hope, that you will answer me mine e-mail the address. As I with the
big Impatience I will wait your letter to me, with more detailed story.