babes of spam #31

Everyone please meet Guzel, a volleyball playing Nurse from Russia. She’s a romantic who’s into music, animals and nature, She also reads, watches TV and loves comedy.

GuzzelHello!!! My name is Guzel. I live in Russia. To me of 30 years. I search for love, I wish to love and I want, that me loved. I hope, my letter does not remain without attention.
You, probably, it is interesting to you to learn, as well as where I could find your e-mail address.
Now I shall explain to you. My friend sat on a site of acquaintances, and has got acquainted with the man. After correspondence, at them serious attitudes have begun. The man has written, that it has a friend who too wishes to get acquainted with the Russian woman. My friend has suggested me to get acquainted with the man from other country. I have agreed, because I heard, that foreign men very kind, always respect with women and able to love. I search for love, I wish to have serious attitudes. I have taken your e-mail address and now I write to you. I hope, my letter does not remain without attention. Also the man which were given me with your e-mail address, asked, that I never spoke, who has given me your address. I have promised, that never I shall tell. Therefore, excuse, but if you will ask me, who has given me your e-mail address, I shall not tell.
I wish to tell to you about me. I work as the nurse. In the future I wish to be the doctor, because by formation I the doctor the pediatrist. I very much like to play volleyball. Earlier I was engaged in volleyball seriously.
I like to meet friends. I very much love animals. I like the nature, it is pleasant to me warmly, the sun, I like to float and sunbathe. Also I like to go to campaigns. I the romantic woman. I like to look in the warm evening at stars, to think about pleasant. If in the street bad weather I sit, at home and I watch TV or I read the book. I like to read books. I like to look comedies. But most of all, I like to listen to music. I cannot without music. I like to listen almost to all.
In one letter not probably to tell all about itself. If you will answer me, I shall tell about myself still more many interesting.

If I have interested you, write to me on my electronic address:

With the best regards, Guzel