babes of spam #34

just when I thought that the age of babes of spam had come to an end — due to upgrades of my mail server and spam filter, along comes Google mail to the rescue with this gem:

babe of spam #34
**Subject: **I want to apologize beforehand
My name is Evgeniya. I use this kind of dialogue for the first time.
For this reason I want to apologize beforehand, if I will write something not correctly. I heard  that many people who not been able to find happiness in the usual life, have found happiness through Internet. I have decided to make this step. I liked your profile and I interested in you very much.I hope you will also in me if we support our relations.Hope that they will be sincere, warm and confidential.
I want to believe that our glances coincide and you and i are not different people.
I search for that person who rescue me from solitude.I feel myself solitary in this enormous, false and cruel world.It is so awfully.I come short heats of the confidence and rapports very much.I search for the person whom I could open my soul and heart, be divided their own thoughts and feeling, understand that somebody need me.The main  is clean and openning soul.If you search for the same please write me.

Please answer only to my personal e-mail:

I promise that your letter will not remain unheeded and answered.

I hope someone out there on the Internet can help Evgeniya find happiness. Given that she’s capitalised internet I’m hoping there’s lonely, single, old school network engineer out there who can appreciate her correctness and formality.