babes of spam #4

Sorry Marina, I think you got ripped off. My email address is almost certainly not worth 2000 roubles.

Google conversion : 2000 Russian rubles = 96.4325503 Australian dollars. Yep, you got ripped off.

Anyways, Marina writes:

Hello my name is Marina You probably are not much surprised that have
received my letter, I understand that you at all do not represent who
I, but it not the big problem. I ask you to give to me some minutes to
read my letter. As I already spoke my name is Marina I live in city
St. Petersburg to me of 28 years. I have written to you that will get
acquainted with you, I have received yours e-mail the address in
agency of acquaintances to me have told that you very good and kind
person. I have paid for it 2000 roubles. And I very much hope that I
have not spent time and money in vain. I very much hope that you will
answer me. I to you will tell not much about myself. You already know
that to me of 28 years, I work in a boarding school as the logopedist
I learn small children to talk. I very active girl and very much love
sports. I very much love children. I very lonely girl because I was
disappointed earlier in Russian men and after long time I have solved
will get acquainted with the man from other country, with you. For
this purpose I have gone to agency and have paid money. If it will be
interesting to you also you will answer my letter then I with pleasure
will tell to you much more about myself and about twist to a family.
Now I worry not much because I at all do not know as you will react to
my letter. I send you my photo and I very much hope that it is
pleasant to you. I will finish this letter.

Please reply only my personal e-mail:

But I very much with the big impatience will wait from you for the letter, I very much hope
that you will write to me.