babes of spam #42

42, the meaning of spam

Subject: Talk to your later!

Good day to you.

I am not sure what to write in this message.

In fact I am writing to a guy online for the first time in my life.

I’m very excited and ill at ease.

Are you lonely? Are you wishing to find a sweetheart for your life and becoming a family?

I am interested in finding my Prince Charming who would love and respect me.! I need a male to share love with!

You seemed so hot to me.

My name is Rosa.

I uploaded my pics to cross all the Ts at once.

If you , please write me back.

Iam dreaming to receive ur answer to my letter. Write me back, please! I was able to touch your soul strings and that our conversation will continue.

I will be hoping to receive your letter.

Have many enjoyable moments every single day! Good bye!

Thinking of you, Rosa
Beauty Rosa