babes of spam #6

hey Princess, I hope you have fun during your visit to Australia. I’m busy that week, sorry.

Hello! How are you? Would be very glad to get acquainted with you. To me of 29 years. I live in Ukraine in the city of Kiev. I very much like my city.
I to work in firm as the manager and I to love the work. Also I to like to go in for sports and at leisure I to visit fitness clubs. The life is fine, but the life without love is not probable and cannot be happy. I to wish to meet the love, the significant other of love.
I think, that if I to interest you, we can learn each other better and also to meet. Because I will soon have holiday from work and was going to visit Australia.

So I hope, that you will answer me, write me on e-mail:

With huge impatience to wait for your letter.