babes of spam #9

Dear, ” “, sorry, Dear Sofia. Please proof your emails before you send them. Interesting use of the male pronoun in reference to a the city of Kiev.
I’m starting to get really confused about these Russian girls emailing from the Ukraine. They are different countries right? If you were born in Kiev, you’d be Ukrainian, not Russian right????

Dear ,
My name is Sofia! I think that you should know that I from Ukraine and I live in
city under name Kiev!
Enough the big and beautiful city!
In general I was born in him and I live about todays!
Now to me of 26 years and as you have probably guessed I till now it is lonely! So it has turned out
that I could not meet correctly the person with which could cast in the lot!

I do not know that me has pushed on
it a step but I nevertheless have decided to try happiness!
Now I do not know that from this it to turn out but I hope that all will be good!

So you now know where I live also I would like to continue! At present I work and I work as the manager!

Well I think enough of my work! Write where also as whom works you? Whether your work is pleasant to

Except for my work I have many hobbies for example I collect ancient coins. At me which big collection
I value.
I can tell about myself that I active the sportsman. Like to play table tennis and I like a chess!

Want to give you small representation about my character. Can tell that friendly and sociable. I very
seldom am angry and at all I do not love quarrel.
It is pleasant to me is in the cheerful company and I appreciate good sense of humour. I like witty men.
And what preferences at you? You go in for sports?

I shall attach my photo to this letter I hope it to you it is pleasant. I would like to see your photos
if at you am.
I hope that our friendship will begin with this letter and it is possible later more serious relations
if this that that you want.
I write so because I am really seriously adjusted and sincerely I hope that to you ?

Please reply only my personal e-mail:

On it I want to finish this letter and I shall wait your answer.
Yours faithfully Sofia!

And I will not ask you help me with money.
I know many stories about it.
If you will write to me more, you will understand, that I am not such girl!
I am simple Russia girl, who want to live abroad.
I want have husband and right family.
I will try for this very much.
I have very serious intention