how a-boot that eh?

How did they know I was thinking about moving to Canada?

**Subject: **You have been selected for a Canadian Visa!!!

We are contacting you with information that you have been selected online for a Temporary Residency Visa to Canada. This is for people who need a temporary resident visa (TRV) to visit Canada for a temporary purpose such as tourism, visiting family or friends, or business trips. We will also be providing you with free flight tickets for you and your family.

You have the opportunity of inviting up to 3 family members or friends by forwarding this email to them and they complete the same verification procedure as below.

To confirm your eligibility, reply this email with your below details:

Full Name:

Mobile Phone Number:

Country of Residence:


Marital Status:

Immediately we get your details, you will be provided with a short code to confirm your eligibility via your Mobile Number. After confirmation you will receive a password we expect you to reply us with for further processing where we will provide you with relevant documents to take down to our Embassy in your country for your visa issue.

During your visit, we will be providing you with a temporary job to enable you meet up with your expenses until you are well settled in. You must use the above link to start processing immediately.

This offer will expires 4weeks prior to your receipt of this  notification. You are only permitted to forward this invitation to not  more than 5 individuals for this free visa offer as there is a limit to the number of free visas we are offering.

Congratulations on being one of the selected Immigrants to travel to our Country for free.


Susanne Hillen

Immigration Department,

1-800 O Canada (1-800-633-6232)

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) 0900 – 1700

If you feel you received this message as and error and you are not interested in our services, kindly reply this email with your subject field as “Remove”; so we can take your email address off our database.

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