issues with isightcapture — resolved

So I’ve been trying to get Axel Bauer‘s isightcapture utility to work again for ages. It used to work great, I’ve used it for years, then a while ago (maybe 6 months ago) it stopped working as did a bunch of other interesting utilities and applications that depend on it including really useful stuff like the security tool from the University of Washington, Adeona, and Stefan Klieme‘s timed picture capture utlility EyeSight

Anyways, Turkey Day is coming up again, and there’s demand to do another time lapse recording of the event. Therefore I had some incentive to fix the problem once and for all.

isightcapture was failing to acquire an image and was simply returning the following:

Fylgia:Desktop james$ isightcapture out.jpg<br></br>
Bus error<br></br>```

When I ran EyeSight fortunately I got the option to generate an error report and here’s where I saw something interesting:  
[![](/content/images/2008/11/problem-report-for-isightcapture-490x350.jpg "problem-report-for-isightcapture")](/content/images/2008/11/problem-report-for-isightcapture.jpg)

i.e. there’s some QuickTime component installed that I vaguely remember installing but can’t remember why:  

Fylgia:Desktop james$ locate CamCam













CamCamX is a 6×2 video mixer. Use it to create LIVE TV webcasts using only your Mac, iSight, pictures and movie files. Since CamCamX virtualizes the webcam (iSight camera) in your Mac you can use all your favorite cam applications AT THE SAME TIME. CamCamX also makes non-Apple webcams iSight compatible (via emulation).

That definitely sounds like something that could be causing the problem, and sure enough, upon deleting the component isightcapture now ran but generated a new error:

Fylgia:Desktop james$ isightcapture -t png output.png<br></br>
[000:000] Error( MagicCam 0: MagicCamOpen: Not an allowed process!<br></br>
[000:000] Error( MagicCam 1: MagicCamOpen: Not an allowed process!<br></br>```

I figured it might be some other QuickTime component causing this error as well and noticed these in /Library/Quicktime/  
[![](/content/images/2008/11/quicktime-489x307.jpg "quicktime")](/content/images/2008/11/quicktime.jpg)

MagicCam 0 and 1, Google Camera Adapter 0 and 1. I’m assuming these are part of the [Google Voice and Video Chat]( functionality I installed a couple of weeks back. Pulling them out of /Library/QuickTime made the error go away but since they don’t stop isightcapture from working I’m going to leave them installed.