KisMAC wifi traffic signal/bytes visualisation

So I was playing with KisMAC 0.3 yesterday on a whim to determine the number of unauthorised or hidden Wifi Access Points I could see around me and was blown away by the 115+ AP’s found.

Anyways, KisMAC can produce some pretty graphs/eyecandy showing wifi signal strength and number of bytes over time. With such a large number of AP’s it can get pretty trippy. So I captured some of that content at a nice 720P resolution and put them on Youtube. The audio is a bunch of different random geiger counter sounds spliced together.

KisMAC 0.3 Wifi Traffic – Signal

KisMAC 0.3 Wifi Traffic – Bytes

I’m making the original (large) video files available under a CC license to anyone who wants to use them:

Creative Commons License
KisMAC 0.3 Wifi Traffic visualisation by James Christopher Murty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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Right click to download: (720P, MPEG4/H.264, ~300MB) (720P, MPEG4/H.264, ~60MB)