one of these things is not like the other

So I took this photo I like the other day which I’m pretty happy with.

I quite like it, and apparently someone else does ’cause I got a notification from Flickr that it had been favourited.

[Flickr] XXXXXXX added your photo contrail as a favorite!

Cool I thought. I wonder how this user found my image and what it was that they liked about it.

So first I looked at Flick’s stats page for the image. | Referrers | 2009-12-17 | Photo | Stats |

So he’s looked at the iPhone page on flickr, cool! my image made it onto the Night section of the iPhone page.

Flickr_ Camera Finder_ Apple_ iPhone 3GS

Alright I think, so what else has this this guy looked at? Is he on the market for a new iPhone maybe?

So taking a look at his favourites reveals…

XXXXXX_s favorites on Flickr

that he’s definitely… an ass man… pretty much every image — an ass — for page after page. All ass all the time apparently.

I guess my image looks a bit like an ass? If you tweaked the hue made it less blue more pink maybe?

ass contrail

That doesn’t seem that likely… and after all it looks like he found my image after looking for iPhone images taken at night… maybe he’s on the market for an iPhone with which he can take his own images of asses? at night?

More power to you Night Assman.

I (heart) teh internets.