testing marsedit2

A new version of MarsEdit has just come out.

Get it here.

I’ve never used an external editor to publish into CMS’ like WordPress before finding the included web based editor to be sufficient for my needs however I can see the appeal of having a real application to do this kinda thing with. Particularly if it would make image and other media handling simpler – and especially for stuff like the @teLier project I’m running for Shilo at the moment.

One issue I can see however is that it doesn’t appear to let me modify the owner of a post… I guess I can get around this by having multiple logins in MarsEdit.

OK, going to try posting now….

dramatic clouds over CoogeeYep, that seems to have worked just fine, now I’m editing the post back in MarsEdit again.
And I’m going to insert an image from Flickr… that also appears to have worked just fine. OK, saving this back to the server again….

Hey! that’s great! How about a local image, like something I created locally…
Photo 97.jpgOK so that probably wasn’t the most intelligent thing for it to do.
No thumbnail was created for me…so more work needs to be done here….